Amazon Web Services S3

Log in to your AWS account and in IAM > Users page, add AmazonS3FullAccess policy in the Permissions tab. You also need the user’s Access Key Id and Access Key Secret. You can create these credentials in the Security credentials tab if you haven’t done yet. A bucket is also required, you can use your existing bucket or create a new one in your S3. Just make sure the bucket exists before running the DumpItForLinux command.

Inside your Ubuntu instance, update the apt repository and install the latest version of Docker.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install

Run the DumpItForLinux commands using docker with --dump-it and --action upload-s3 with your AWS User credentials and bucket name.

sudo docker run --privileged comaeio/dumpit-linux --dump-it --action upload-s3 --bucket [BUCKET_NAME] --aws-access-id [ACCESS_KEY_ID] --aws-access-secret [ACCESS_KEY_SECRET]

DumpItForLinux will upload the full memory image data to your AWS S3 bucket.


To upload the snapshot of the memory to AWS S3, replace the --dump-it flag with --snap-it using the same docker command.

The dump file and snapshot metadata will be saved locally by default. You can also explicitly provide the --action store flag in the docker command to do the same thing.