Microsoft Azure

You will need your Storage account’s Storage Account Name and Storage Account Key. Both can be found when you log in to your Azure account in Storage accounts > [Your-Storage-Account] > Access Keys.

Inside your Linux instance, update the apt repository and install the latest version of Docker.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install

Run the DumpItForLinux commands using docker with --dump-it and --action upload-az with your Azure Storage credentials and bucket name.

sudo docker run --privileged comaeio/dumpit-linux --dump-it --action upload-az --bucket [BUCKET_NAME] --az-account-name [STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME] --az-account-key [STORAGE-ACCOUNT_KEY]

DumpItForLinux will upload the full memory image data to your Azure Storage bucket.


To upload the snapshot of the memory to Azure Storage, replace the --dump-it flag with --snap-it using the same docker command.