Chapter 1

Comae Stardust

Creating User Account

To analyze dumps, an account must first be registered on the Stardust system. Each user must be registered under their respective organization and be verified using a valid email address.

Account creation

Comae Support sends an email requesting confirmation of the registered email address. If an email is not received in a reasonable amount of time, check the spam folder or simply add to your contacts or address book. Direct questions to and receive a prompt response.


Drag and Drop Files on Stardust Dashboard

As an alternative to using Send commands in PowerShell, crash dumps and/or snapshot files can be copied to the platform interface by simply dragging the files from the local machine to the upload area of the Dashboard page on the website.


Managing Uploads Using Tasks

The progress of the latest operations of uploaded files are tracked within the tasks tab.

Dashboard Dashboard

Aggregating Machine Data

Crash dump files or snapshots are automatically aggregated within the same machine.

Dashboard Dashboard


Browsing a machine content is now possible for each archived machine on the Stardust platform. The platform automatically analyzes and classifies the snapshot as Clean, Suspicious, or Malicious. In case of suspicious snapshots, the user can verify results and explore data directly.