Convert Dump Files Snapshot

The Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot cmdlet converts a Microsoft crash dump file into a Comae Snapshot using the Dmp2Json program. The full signature of the Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot command is as follows:

Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot [-FilePath] <string> [-Directory] <string> [[-SymbolPath] <string>] [[-SymbolServer] <string>]

In scope parameters:

  • FilePath parameters is the input Microsoft crash dump file.
  • Directory is the output directory where the Comae snapshot archive will be located.
  • SymbolPath (optional) is the input directory for pre-downloaded Microsoft PDB symbols.
  • SymbolServer (optional) is the input server address for scenarios with custom symbol servers.
Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot -FilePath "TEST-MEMORY.dmp" -Directory "C:\Comae-Snapshots"

In certain cases, user may want to provide a custom symbol directory path, or a custom symbol server path.

Convert-DumpFileToSnapshot -FilePath "TEST-MEMORY.dmp" -Directory "C:\Comae-Snapshots" -SymbolPath "C:\Symbols" -SymbolServer