Once the registered email is successfully confirmed, use it to log into Stardust and display the Stardust Dashboard, as depicted in the screenshot below.


Each user must download and install the Comae-Toolkit.

  • Click on Download Comae Toolkit to navigate to Utilities screen.
  • From the Utilities page, click on Download as depicted in the screenshot below.


Once clicked, a compressed (zip) file downloads to your machine.

  • After the download is complete, navigate to the folder where it resides (typically the Downloads folder) and extract the contents of the compressed file to the default location or one of your choosing.

A folder named Comae-Toolkit- is created with a license file, readme file and two folders containing executables for both x86- and x64-based operating systems.

System Type information is located on Windows machines in Control Panel/System. Most modern Windows machines can run either type, however.

If the Windows requires the Comae.ps1 file to be unblocked, do so by right-clicking the file, selecting Properties, and click Unblock button.

The following instructions require a basic understanding on the use of the PowerShell utility in order to use the Comae Stardust tool and related commands.

Open a Windows PowerShell session as an administrator to begin the process.

  • Type PowerShell in the Start | Search Programs and Files command box and, from the programs list, right-click PowerShell and select Run as Administrator.
  • From the PowerShell session, navigate to the folder that contains the Comae.ps1 file.
  • To access different Stardust commands from within the PowerShell, run the Import-Module cmdlet to import the Comae module:
    Import-Module .\Comae.ps1

If successful no errors are displayed and an empty command prompt is shown ready to accept more commands. Success can also be verified by running the following command to see the signature of the New-ComaeDumpFile cmdlet:

New-ComaeDumpFile -?

The following displays if the Comae.ps1 installed successfully:

New-ComaeDumpFile [-Directory] <string> [-IsCompress]

The Comae.ps1 module must be installed each time a new PowerShell session is initiated: it does not remain installed once the PowerShell console is closed.